SKU: E7068GR

Vera Vintage Jade Cuff Bangle with Flower Inlay

Solid Jade bangle with a rounded inside edge.

A Unique pattern of inclusions and swirls of colour, exposing a timeless story from when each piece of stone formed deep within the mother earth.

Vivid colour and excellent translucency

Since Ancient Chinese times Jade has been famously called "the protection stone". Some believe that if you were to wear a piece of Jade, your life would be kept in stable hands.

  • Bracelet Width: 12mm + Thickness: 5.5mm
  • Inner Circumference: 18cm / 7'09''
  • Rounded Inside Edges
  • Cuff Lock
  • Material: Chalcedony
  • Style: Vintage


Because it is a natural material, there will be impurities, internal cracks and scratches, which are normal phenomenon. The weight will be slightly deviated due to manual measurement. Please refer to the actual product.

During the wearing process, the silver becomes black and can be restored by wiping with a silver washing cloth in the package.

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